Seven simple steps to replace the refrigerator filter

Seven simple steps to replace the refrigerator filter

One of the greatest inventions of modern times is that by pressing this button, ice can be removed directly from the refrigerator.

Most modern refrigerators have amazing properties that many generations can not imagine. However, it is impossible to achieve without struggle.

If a glass of water you take out of the refrigerator feels less fresh, you may need to replace the refrigerator filter.

If you're thinking ," wait... My fridge has filters ?"

Here are 7 simple steps to help you replace the refrigerator filter with fresh, clean taste water.

What is a refrigerator filter?

If you have ever drunk the water on the front door of the refrigerator, you should thank your little refrigerator water filter for its clean, fresh taste.

Refrigerator water filters remove pollutants from water through refrigerators and ice drinking machines.

Danger of untreated filters

According to the Daily Mail, if not handled in time, water dispenser filters are not regularly replaced, may lead to bacteria breeding.

So how often should you change the filter in the refrigerator? According to multiple sources, every six months.

Bacteria were found in the kitchen, according to an international bacterial study conducted by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the Public Health and Safety Organization. Both water dispensers and ice dispensers detected positive yeast and mold.

with these potential dangers, you'd better know that your Kenmore,Whirlpool and other major brands of refrigerator filters can be simply replaced.

Here are 7 simple steps to help you replace the refrigerator filter with fresh, clean taste water.

Type of refrigerator water filter

There are three commonly used refrigerator water filters. It will determine the replacement steps according to the filter in your refrigerator. The following is what you need to know.

Embedded filters

There are some filters in the refrigerator. and some behind the grill in front of the refrigerator. It can also be found at the upper right of the appliance.

These types of filters are usually easy to replace.

Transfer Filter

winding filters sound like them. They usually require a twist to remove or replace the filter. These filters are usually found at the top right of the device. they will have a button or twist release.

Inline filters

These filters are installed at the rear of the equipment and connected to the intake pipe. Usually, old models without built-in filters have these features.

Replace the push-in filter

It should be stated that you should not throw away an old filter until you know the production of the filter and the replacement of the model. After solving these problems, let's go into the steps required to replace the push-in filter.

find your filter on your device. It can be placed on the front and back of the grill or in the upper right corner.

Press the pop-up button or unscrew the filter cover to remove the old filter.

Put the filter cap aside as an alternative filter.

align the arrows of your new filter and filter cap. buckle and rotate clockwise.

Insert the filter until the pop-up button.

Make sure the filter is safe and suitable.

reset the refrigerator water filter indicator (if required).

Shoot your back. You just replaced your first refrigerator water filter.

Replace winding filters

After purchasing the manufacture and model of the filter for your equipment, do the following steps.

find your filter on your device. for twist-in filters, they are usually front grille at the back.

Rotate counterclockwise, unscrew the filter cover and remove the filter element.

Put the filter handle aside and use with the new filter.

throw away the old filter.

Put the new filter in the sliding handle.

Rotate the filter clockwise until it enters its proper position.

reset the refrigerator water filter indicator (if required).

In some cases, your twisted filter will appear in the upper right corner. In these cases, please follow the following steps.

locate your filter. Push or pull the filter to remove it.

Rotate counterclockwise to remove the old filter.

Insert the new filter into the port.

rotate clockwise until the filter breaks.

reset the refrigerator water filter indicator (if required).

You should be grateful. You found a new way to protect you and your family.

Inline replacement filters

inline filters are commonly referred to as external water filters. Be sure to find the appropriate model and filter model to replace, and then start the following steps.

Turn off the cold water supply.

In order to reduce the pressure of the filter, first put some water from the refrigerator.

Put a towel and a bowl under the filter for waterproof overflow.

Slide down the safety clip, then push the chuck up and remove the tube from the filter. do the same on both sides of the filter.

throw away the old filter.

Cut off both ends of the pipe and remove the safety clamps and safety plugs on both sides of the filter.

Insert one end of the tube, new filter, and put back the safety clip.

Turn on the water supply system and let the water pass through the filter for 5 minutes. Turn off the water supply.

Install the pipe at the other end and fix the safety clip.

Now, you can re-open the water supply system.

Next steps

After replacing any water filter, it is best to put one or two gallons of water in the water dispenser and ice dispenser.

This will help flush the filter so that it can be used.

Change your refrigerator filters frequently

Remember to replace the refrigerator filter every six months to keep the water fresh and clean. This will ensure that your refrigerator does not breed bacteria in your water and ice distribution system.

If you are looking for more ways to keep your home safe or have more questions about water filters, check our blog regularly.

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