LG LT1000P Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

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• Provides cleaner, fresher and better tasting ice and water for your family
• Rest easy with NSF certified LG filters that reduce pollutants
• Provides high-quality drinking water by removing contaminants such as pesticides, chemicals, and detergents
• Removes 99.99% of cysts, 99% of asbestos, and almost all mercury, lead, and benzene
• Eliminates some herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and insect repellants that can be found in water
• LG original part: ADQ74793501, ADQ747935
• Filtration certification according to NSF standards NSF42, NSF53, NSF401.
• Does not remove helpful minerals, such as fluoride
• Designed to last up to 6 months or 200 gallons(whichever comes first)
• No tools required for installation
• Compatible with LFXC24796D, LFXS30796D, LMXC23796D, LMXS30796D, LSFXC2496D
• Horizontal type replacement water filter

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