I have little black granules in my water after installing the new filter?

This is normal and happens with ALL carbon filters. These are carbon fines (tiny pieces of carbon). Flushing two to three gallons of water through the filter will purge out any loose carbon fines.

Why does my new filter to make noise?

This is caused by trapped pockets of air in your new filter, run two to three gallons of water through to flush out.

Why is the water cloudy after my new filter has been installed?

The cloudiness is caused by microscopic air bubbles. Simply run two to three gallons of water through and the air bubbles will clear out.

Will using an after market compatible filter invalidate my fridge warranty?

No, it will NOT invalidate your fridge warranty. Manufacturers cannot restrict the sale of consumables by threatening to withdraw warranties.

What if I have a problem I can’t solve or that is not addresses in the FAQ’s?

If you are unable to find a solution, email us at info@salefilters.com.

If I use less water can I change the filter less regularly?

Current industry standards dictate that fridge filters should be changed every six months. As this is their optimum life span - once the filter has been soaked on its initial use, it should be changed 6 months thereafter. This is mainly because over a period of time carbon begins to harbor bacteria which may significantly reduce the filtration performance of the fridge filter, and potentially leech bacterial contaminants into your water.

How often do I need to change my refrigerator water filter?

You need to change your refrigerator water filter every six months, as: 1- It provides better tasting and smelling water 2- It helps remove fine particles and sediment from the water 3- It prevents unabsorbed water contaminants and newly formed bacteria from being reintroduced into your drinking water 4- Prevents a water pressure decrease from the dispenser 5- Drinking filtered water from your refrigerator can save you over $600 a year over using bottled water.

How tightly should I tighten the filter?

All of the filters will hit a stop when they are fully tightened. As long as you install them by hand (not using tools) you will feel the filter hit the stop and know that it is properly installed. Most of the filters only require a quarter to a half turn to tighten.

Is it easy to change one of these filters?

Yes. All of our filters can be changed by the average homeowner. You can always contact us for help if you have trouble.

Do these filters have an expiration date?

No. All of the filters we manufacture can sit on your shelf until you need them. We recommend a cool, dark, dry location.