15 ways to improve life by filtering water

15 ways to improve life by filtering water

There is nothing like the cold, thirsty water dripping from the throat. But how healthy is the water you drink?

The sad reality is that every year many people get sick from drinking contaminated tap water. Fortunately, you can use filtered water to keep yourself and your family healthy.

This is a simplified version of 15 ways to filter water can greatly improve your life.

Let's get started!

The truth about the tap

You may have been drinking tap water for many years. But the problem is, you can't always believe there's water in the faucet.

Of course, tap water may look clean. But you don't know what's hidden in the pipe that sends the water to the kitchen faucet.

Tap water to the kitchen sink can easily absorb a lot of pollutants. The range of these pollutants may range from bacteria to pesticides and even waste particles. Even if the water is strengthened and disinfected throughout the process, it can not guarantee that the water is completely safe.

If you drink contaminated water, you may suffer from serious health problems. The worst case scenario is you die. Let's see what special benefits filtered water has for your life.

  1. chlorine disappeared

Chlorinated water works well in the swimming pool. However, it is not good for the human body.

Unfortunately, tap water contains a small amount of chlorine. That's why filtering before drinking is a clever idea.

In filtered water, chlorine and its byproducts are removed, which means you can get protection from a variety of cancers, including the following:

Colorectal cancer

Colonial Territories

Bladder cancer

Breast cancer

Not only that, gaseous chlorine (chlorine in the air) can also pose a major threat to your health because it can cause respiratory diseases. filtered water, your air will immediately become healthier and more suitable for the whole family.

  1. store savings

By choosing to filter water, you can save a lot of money at the grocery store. Why? Because you no longer need to buy expensive bottled water.

The new filter system will be easy to recover the cost in the form that you will save on costs during several years of installation.

  1. Reduction in medical costs

Because filtered water is safer for your family, you can reduce the money spent on water-related disease drugs.

So you and the people you love can lead a more productive life. Your child can continue to go to school, continue to work, and do not miss family holidays because of aquatic diseases.

  1. no stomach disease

It is necessary to drink clear water while eating because it helps to promote the body's food digestion process. This is because your digestive system needs fresh water to work properly. When you drink filtered water, your metabolism will improve and your body will successfully wash away the waste.

In addition, filtering water can protect you from gastrointestinal diseases because water filters can remove parasites such as flagella and Cryptosporidium. This will eventually improve your quality of life.

  1. nontoxic problem

Unclean tap water may contain thousands of toxins. Fortunately, water filters prevent these toxins from entering the body.

And the result? The kidneys can effectively detoxify the body. Basically, the cleaner the water you drink, the stronger the body's ability to detoxify.

  1. healthier babies and children

If you are pregnant, drinking filtered water is particularly important because drinking pure water reduces your chances of giving birth to a child with severe congenital defects.

For example, some researchers have found that specific nitrates in water may increase the risk of fetal spinal fractures.

Filtering water is also important for new mothers who choose to bottle-feed their babies. Unfortunately, if you mix dirty tap water with baby formula, your baby may be mentally retarded and poisoned.

Lead poisoning is a particularly serious problem in children. Water filters can be used to eliminate lead immediately.

In addition, filtering water can also enhance the immune system of children. Therefore, you will have a healthier, stronger, happier child who can enjoy his or her childhood to the greatest extent.

  1. reduce headaches - literally

Unfortunately, many things in life can give you a headache.

Your water should not be one of them.

Because your brain is mostly water, clean water is essential to relieve or at least relieve headaches. At the same time, studies have shown that using tap water instead of filtering water can actually lead to migraine.

Therefore, insisting on the use of filtered water can avoid unnecessary headaches.

  1. no constipation

Water is not only good for your brain. It's good for the gut

If you're dealing with constipation (you know how you feel trying to pull a piece of wood does n' t work), you can quickly relieve symptoms by ingesting clean water.

filtered water can also help restore normal intestinal peristalsis, thus avoiding constipation.

  1. enjoy food better

Do you like cooking? Or do you just like to eat? When you start using filtered water, you will prefer these activities.

That's why.

If you wash and cook food with water, the natural taste of the food will be preserved. unfiltered water contains bacteria and other contaminants, which, on the other hand, may alter the taste of food.

so please use filtered water in kitchen for better future meal time. Boiling water does not solve this problem because boiling water does not eradicate all harmful compounds in tap water, especially when your water contains heavy metals.

  1. Environmental benefits

What is another reason for using filtered water? Good for Mother Earth.

Using bottled water, you will eventually have to discard large quantities of plastic bottles. Even if you recycle water bottles, the cost of processing these materials into reusable items can cause unnecessary pressure on Earth.

By using water filters, you can reduce the amount of garbage generated and the cost of transporting water.

  1. Improving water quality

If you find the water dirty, it is because the substance in the water (not the liquid itself) is rotting over time.

However, for example, when you use a refrigerator filter to remove pollutants from the water, you leave less rotting material.

  1. Better weight control

You know what? Drinking clean water is easier to maintain an ideal weight.

Clean water prevents the body from absorbing too much sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore, people with weight problems are encouraged to drink more water than those with less weight.

  1. Improving appearance

Filtering water can not only help you lose weight. It will improve many other aspects of your physical appearance.

For example, it will increase the luster of the hair, soften the skin and make the nails healthier. all these are possible because water filters can remove chlorine from water.

If you drink enough water, clean water can also help reduce skin-related problems such as acne. In fact, entertainment professionals, including models, often drink water to keep their skin as healthy as possible.

  1. No aluminium

aluminum is another element found in poorly filtered or unfiltered urban water.

By filtering water, you can prevent many health problems caused by aluminum intake, including Alzheimer's disease, childhood learning disorders, liver disease, overactivity and skin problems.

  1. Goodbye, arsenic

arsenic is another element that may exist in tap water.

This strong carcinogen increases your risk of various cancers. Therefore, be sure to use water filters to make yourself and the people you love as healthy as possible.

How much filter water should you drink?

When you grow up, you may be told over and over that you should drink eight glasses of water a day.

In fact, you may want to drink more wine, such as 10 glasses a day. It is very wise if your life is particularly active or living in extremely hot or cold climates. Drinking and smoking can benefit from drinking more water.

But remember, the quantity is not everything. As we mentioned before, water quality is the most important.